Uniquely Denton: Small Senior Living Homes

Sage Oak of Denton is a community of small senior living homes located in the heart of Denton, Texas. The community offers a boutique-style senior living experience with intimate living spaces and personalized care options.

The team at Sage Oak is committed to:

Let’s take a closer look at why this type of senior living home is so special for Denton, Texas.

Go beyond the blog and hear from Loe Hornbuckle and Erin Caston as they chat with Why Denton’s Kim Reding.

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The Uniquely Denton Experience

What sets Sage Oak apart from other senior living communities is its commitment to providing quality care. However, we can’t forget to mention the beautiful boutique setting.

Loe Hornbuckle founded the community and idea of Sage Oak properties. His father faced an unfortunate experience in a hospice facility where he didn’t receive the care he deserved.

Witnessing such a personal incident sparked something within Loe. He created a different type of senior living experience—one that was smaller, more intimate, and more unique.

Sage Oak comprises six homes, housing up to sixteen residents each. The homes are grouped in a neighborhood-like setting. These smaller senior living homes offer a much more intimate setting for residents where their needs are met by caring staff.

“Sage Oak is a campus, a neighborhood,” says Hornbuckle. “It looks like a neighborhood where anyone else would live, but instead of a 3,000 square foot home housing a family, it’s a 9,000 square foot home housing 16 seniors and the care staff to support them.”

Different homes also offer opportunities for various senior lifestyles. Some homes offer assisted living, while others provide Alzheimer’s care. Every house on campus has a different artistic theme.

This cozy atmosphere allows seniors to connect and form meaningful relationships. Residents are treated like family members. Meals in the home are made by one chef who knows everyone’s preferences.

The seniors who make up the community are free to pursue their independence and explore their passions. Residents engage in meaningful activities and build strong relationships with fellow community members.

Sage Oak of Denton is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to senior living homes. It provides an intimate atmosphere with personalized care options that many seniors need but can rarely find in traditional facilities.

“It allows us to focus on these markets that we feel are underserved and maybe don’t have access to different models of care,” says Hornbuckle. “It’s all about choice.”

Our community is creating an environment where people from Denton and surrounding areas like Little Elm, Frisco, and Crossroads can choose a new model of care. Families don’t have to decide between mirroring communities whose only difference is the paint on the wall.

Sage Oak provides something extraordinary in the world of senior living homes. It offers a unique glimpse into what life can look like after retirement.

The New Choice For Alzheimer’s Care in Denton, TX

Sage Oak of Denton has developed an innovative program that meets the growing need for Alzheimer’s care in Denton. Often seniors in the area had to turn to nursing homes or other care facilities in Denton. Dementia care requires a deeply individualized level of care.

The population of Texas seniors is growing, and so is the number of people needing Alzheimer’s care. Nearly 500,000 Texans are projected to have Alzheimer’s by 2025.

Families struggling to provide adequate care for their loved ones should know they are not alone. The memory care community at Sage Oak of Denton is prepared to handle the unique needs of memory loss.

Memory care residents can participate in activities that stimulate well-being, boost social dynamics, and inspire joy.

Activities like art classes, puzzles, card games, and outdoor walks provide residents with opportunities for social engagement. These activities also help to create a strong support network between residents and associates.

Sage Oak of Denton is not a traditional memory care facility. Our model provides a comfortable home, personalized care, and valuable social interaction.


Is Sage Oak of Denton Right For Me?

Sage Oak is also known for its clear communication before any resident moves in. There’s a lot of misinformation about how to pay for senior living. Many people wonder if Medicare or Medicaid pays for private-pay facilities. We educate seniors and family members about our services before things get too deep.

One phone call can determine if boutique senior living suits your situation. Our senior living specialists are happy to be a resource. We will help you find assisted living or memory care in the DFW Metroplex.

Contact us to discover a uniquely Denton experience.

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