What is the Cost of Senior Care
in Denton, Texas?

Boutique Senior Living Is About Better Living

The cost of assisted living in Texas is lower than the national average.
Read our guide to find out more about senior living prices near you.

The search for senior living can feel overwhelming when you have questions about pricing. Making sure your loved ones are comfortable and happy is priority number one; finding those qualities at the right cost is the next step. 

Data adjusted for inflation from Genworth Financial places the cost of assisted living in Texas around $4,369 in 2024. The national average is closer to $4,917 per month. But what about the cost of senior living near you?

Sage Oak of Denton offers assisted living and all-inclusive memory care pricing. Your monthly costs will include everything from care to meals to activities. Residents and their families can focus on what’s important, not paperwork or bills. Senior living can become even more affordable by finding suitable assistance options.

Our campus of smaller care homes is a new way to think about senior living. We offer an option that benefits residents, team members, and families. A happier community is a healthier community.

Simple, transparent, predictable pricing defines Sage Oak’s commitment to improved customer service.

What is the average cost of assisted living in Texas?

It’s no secret that prices for everything are increasing. According to the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the national average of assisted living was $4,500 monthly. Their adjustments for 2024 show a cost closer to $5,000. Still, current assisted living prices in Texas are lower on average.

Assisted living and memory care are more expensive than independent living but more cost-efficient than full-time home care or a skilled nursing facility. 

The average monthly cost of senior living options in the Denton, TX area:

  • 24-hour home care: $21,479
  • Nursing home: $9,872
  • Senior day center: $1,847

Assisted living and memory care are long-term care facilities that encourage a higher quality of life. From socialization to physical activity, older adults get the most value out of the cost of senior living communities.

The cost of assisted living in Denton, TX includes meals prepared by an in-house personal chef.

How much is memory care in Texas?

The average cost of memory care in Texas averages 20 to 30 percent higher than assisted living because care for Alzheimer’s and dementia is highly specialized and personal. Contact us to learn more about the cost of memory care near you.

Monthly Pricing at Sage Oak of Denton

Assisted Living

Enjoy living in a beautiful, modern community that takes care of everything for you. Know that your loved ones are in great hands with our passionate care team.
The cost of assisted living starts at $6,475 per month and includes:

  • Pet-friendly private suites
  • Chef-prepared dining
  • Daily activities
  • 24-hour support
  • Full access to our park-like campus

Individualized care services can impact the monthly price. A resident who only needs assistance managing medication will pay less than a neighbor who needs assistance with multiple activities of daily living. Care and costs are tailored to each resident.

Sage Oak of Denton | Senior man with caregiver
Sage Oak of Denton | Senior man playing chess with grandson

All-Inclusive Memory Care

Let our specialized caregivers lift the weight of caring for your loved one with dementia. We design a program that supports physical and mental health starting at $8,975 per month.

Memory care services are all-inclusive, and we place a cap on senior care costs at $9,975. This additional measure means no surprise bills for your family.

Discover the Value of Senior Care in Denton, TX

See What Senior Living Experts Say About
Your New Home

Senior living experts think Sage Oak of Denton is unique. Our boutique model of care, dedication to thoughtful design, and superior dining experience are unlike what most senior living providers offer. Watch this video to learn more about the value we provide compared to the average cost of assisted living in Texas.

Sage Oak | Unique Video

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