Assisted Living in Denton, Texas

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Boutique assisted living in Denton, Texas means we are built on a smaller scale with bigger amenities and care included. Get to know your neighbors while we get to know you and how we can personalize your care. With only 16 residents per home, we ensure premium medical oversight is provided in an intimate and individualized setting.

Our Benefits

  • Have your meal restrictions and culinary palette met with one chef per home, cooking for up to 16 people only
  • Be driven to your appointments through our transportation services
  • Scheduling doctor visits or other appointments? Let us know and we will take care of it
  • Listen to music and exchange stories about your favorite concert with new friends in our spacious gathering room
  • Bring your pet to have by your side and take walks along our luscious tree-lined and garden-filled walkways
  • Pamper yourself in the on-site beauty salon and barber shop
  • Play card games and more in our lounge area
  • Take up gardening or walking from our outdoor area
  • Let our team take care of the housekeeping and laundry
  • Join your neighbors in daily activities, parties, and events
  • Conveniently located within ten minutes of Cross Roads, Medical City Denton, Rayzor Ranch, Northridge, and Cooper Crossing
Sage Oak of Denton | Senior playing golf

Our Services

Our staff cares for residents.
  • 1:5 to 1:8 caregiver-to-resident ratio
  • Medication management
  • Free medication delivery
  • Assistance with Hoyer lifts for wheelchair-bound persons
  • Assistance with diabetic care
  • Bathing and personal grooming assistance
  • Nurse on staff
  • Incontinence care
  • 24-hour CCTV security
  • 24-hour awake associates

See Why Experts Agree About Sage Oak of Denton’s Unique Experience

The thoughtful design of Sage Oak of Denton is excellent in preventing falls in seniors. Our nurse’s stations incorporate windows so the care team can monitor residents in a smaller setting. Seeing or responding to an emergency much quicker makes our community different.

Sage Oak of Denton | Fall Prevention Video Harmon

Senior Care Communities in Denton, TX are Built for Your Changing Needs

Retirement brings about significant changes in the lives of seniors, offering both newfound freedom and challenges. On the one hand, retirees enjoy the luxury of extra time to pursue hobbies, spend time with loved ones, and travel. However, this period also requires adjusting to new social structures and coping with decreased mobility levels as time moves forward.


Older adults often lose their daily routine and the sense of purpose it provides. This disruption can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness as social networks change and interactions with colleagues become less frequent. These adjustments can also contribute to mobility changes. Seniors may find it challenging to maintain their independence and engage in activities they once enjoyed.

Assisted living facilities in Denton, Texas, offer a solution for seniors facing these common issues after retirement. Through assisted living and memory care services, our community provides a supportive environment that fosters social connections, independence, and convenience.

Our Denton senior living community offers a range of daily activities designed to keep residents engaged and connected with others. These activities reduce feelings of isolation and promote physical and mental health. In addition to fostering social interactions, our assisted living program assists with daily living tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. Residents can maintain their independence while receiving the support they need.

Sage Oak of Denton Photos | Residents playing bingo
Sage Oak of Denton

We’re proud to offer family members peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones receive top-notch care in a custom-built environment. Our community’s assets include easy access to healthcare providers, shopping centers, recreational areas, and cultural attractions.

Our assisted living community in Denton caters to each individual’s needs, offering seniors a wide range of living options. From private apartments to shared living spaces, our community offers various senior care options tailored to provide the right level of support for each resident.

The gift of boutique assisted living in Denton offers seniors and their families confidence in the future. We focus on providing high-quality care, engaging in daily activities, and a supportive environment that ensures residents can fully enjoy their retirement years while receiving the assistance they need.

Sage Oak of Denton | Residents enjoying the outdoor common area

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