Boutique Assisted Living & Memory Care
in Denton, Texas

Why settle for homelike
when you can have a home?

Why settle for homelike
when you can have a home?

Dreams Start Today!

Experience Denton residential assisted living and memory care in person and start your dream lifestyle now.

Why settle for homelike
when you can have a home?

Boutique Assisted Living & Memory Care
in Denton, Texas

Sage Oak of Denton | Denton Assisted Living and Memory Care

Great Care


Great Food

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Great Communication

Pricing Starting at $5,475 per Month

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Is It Overwhelming to Live Alone
or to Handle Your Own Care?

Sage Oak of Denton Senior Living is built with you in mind. Our spacious, accessible, and boutique-style campus of only six homes provides a world-class 1:5 to 1:8 caregiver-to-resident ratio while creating opportunities to meet others.

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What Does This Mean for Me or My Loved One?

This means we get to know every resident personally: their preferences in food, in activities, when they wish to be active, when they wish to rest, and any medical needs. Our assisted living and memory care residents truly feel at home at Sage Oak of Denton.

Feel at Home

Common rooms with open-plan kitchens, full-time chefs, and modern amenities make for a campus of opportunity, not a stifling institution. With only six homes and 16 beds in each on our sprawling campus, we ensure we are providing high-quality attention, services, and comfort.

Sage Oak of Denton | Single bedroom

Feeling stressed about moving?

Don’t worry — download a free copy of our move-in guide.

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Sage Oak of Denton | Senior woman walking with caregiver outside

Anywhere you explore in our community, access to our landscaped and wooded outdoor space perfect for family visits is a given with sidewalks along the way to connect you to all of our buildings.  Did we mention our Denton senior living community is pet-friendly? Feel free to bring your small pets!

Get a Bird's-Eye View

Nestled within a park-like setting on a private road, our campus is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and trees. Our care homes are meticulously designed with an abundance of windows and natural light so our residents can truly enjoy the outdoors. We’re making the east side of Denton as beautiful as the Oak Hickory Historic District.

The administration building is what you will initially see as you enter our community. This is a great place to hold any private conversations or for professional tours away from the home environments.

Our assisted living home is the first building you will encounter if you continue driving toward our series of six care homes and to the left. This is a small and dedicated space for your loved ones needing assistance with daily needs.

Luxury assisted living homes are the two residences past our standard assisted living residence, as well as the building on the right of this bird’s-eye view’s bottom row. Your private chef awaits in our luxury assisted living homes!

Memory care homes are designed to offer additional levels of care for your loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Seniors requiring memory care occupy the two buildings to the bottom-left of this view.

Be a Part of a Community

State-of-the-Art, Brand New Assisted Living & Memory Care Community

Sage Oak of Denton | Upscale kitchen

Open-Plan Kitchens with Full-Time Chefs

Our culinary team wants to whip up meals for you in your own home. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or meals in-between, in our Luxury Homes, we offer full-time chefs who work out of our open-plan kitchen and are ready to whip up either your favorite meal or one that fits your nutritional needs. Senior care in Denton hasn’t seen food service quite like this!

Boutique Senior Living in Denton, TX

Welcome to Sage Oak of Denton Senior Living

Specialized associates, in-home chefs, and 24-hour support and care. Sage Oak assisted living and memory care in Denton, TX is ready to welcome you home as the newest and most passionate boutique community in the area. We live each day under our motto of “great care, great food, and great communication.”

The Sage Oak of Denton - Branding Session 2023
Sage Oak of Denton | Walking paths

Upscale and Trendy Senior Apartments in Denton

Our assisted living homes each represent a theme with its decor, environment, and more, depending on your style. Music? Cowboys? Nature? We’ve got a themed home for you! In our memory care neighborhood, we represent a consistent and soothing theme to provide the utmost comfort in a luxurious setting.

Our senior apartments are conveniently located off Loop 288 between Cooper Creek and the Southridge neighborhood.

All-inclusive Alzheimer’s Care

It can feel defeating when caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The stress of it all can be overwhelming. Our on-site all-inclusive memory care services provide your loved one with the personalized care they need while giving you the relief you deserve. Activities are tailored specifically to people with memory loss, and specialized care plans ensure your loved one is happy and comfortable.

The Sage Oak of Denton - Branding Session 2023

Well-designed to Provide Seniors with Their Dream Homes

Enjoy this exclusive view inside our campus guided by industry experts. From great care, food, and communication, you can trust Sage Oak of Denton is genuinely different.

Sage Oak of Denton | Exclusive Look at Our Campus Video

Let Sage Oak Answer Your Questions about Boutique Senior Care in Denton, Texas

Intimacy. Communication. Personalization.

Senior care in our Denton community is a little different. Boutique senior living offers a resident and staff-focused approach to care for older adults. We create happier communities with this vision. With smaller settings and fewer residents, Sage Oak team members have more time to focus on individualized care. Caregivers can keep a closer eye on the needs of each resident. Members of our culinary team can understand the unique dietary needs of a smaller household. Residents can form closer bonds with each other and not have to travel as far to meet up with friends. It’s large-scale care in a cozy and homey setting.

If you’re a senior living in Denton who wants independence, assistance, freedom from hassles, and a charming place to call home, you’ll find it here. Welcome to life at Sage Oak of Denton.

With 96 living spaces throughout our Denton assisted living and memory care community, you’ll find the home perfect for the lifestyle of you or a loved one.

We make accommodations for luxurious needs in our six different floor plans. Our community also provides base floor plan options for a lower cost. Resident suites include private bathrooms with accessible features, natural light, and furnishing if needed. Welcome to a home-like experience.

Smaller scale senior living allows residents to experience freedom from worrying about clutter and accumulating unneeded possessions. Our dedicated team provides housekeeping and maintenance to give older adults the chance to relax and enjoy where they live. Care comes to you; everything else you need is outside your front door.

Both senior care services are similar. In both versions, residents receive activities of daily living assistance, engaging activities, chef-prepared meals, and resort-style amenities. The advantage of memory care is dedicated support from trained dementia care experts in a secure setting.

Seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia require unique needs that our caregivers are ready to offer 24-7. Memory care at Sage Oak of Denton includes security measures and round-the-clock associates to accommodate these needs.

Memory care residents also have the opportunity to go outside to dig in the garden and enjoy the sunshine in specially designed-areas. We work to curb things like wandering and irregular sleep patterns with holistic measures like exercise, socialization, and intentional engagement.

Family members don’t have to worry about the heavy burden of providing care and constant supervision to a relative living with dementia. Let Sage Oak of Denton add consistency and purpose to your loved one’s life.

Our new senior living community is located eight minutes northeast of Denton Square. You’ll find us on Audra Ln between Bayfield Dr and 288.

Our central location makes it easy for families from Gainesville, Aubrey, and Crossroads to visit their loved ones regularly. Our park-like campus is excellent for outdoor walks and catching up.

Sage Oak of Denton
3015 Audra Lane
Denton, Texas 76209

Assisted living starts at $5,475 per month. Additional personalized services will change pricing. All-inclusive memory care starts at $7,975.

Senior living is about simplifying life. Residents receive care, meals, activities, modern living spaces, and more. It’s all included in one easy-to-manage monthly bill.

Our top-notch care team is passionate about providing great care, great food, and great communication. Welcome to a beautiful community to call home. Visit us today and experience the difference!

Memory care is a type of long-term care specifically designed to support individuals living with memory impairment, such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Alzheimer’s and dementia are conditions that affect a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior.

Alzheimer’s is a specific type of dementia characterized by the gradual loss of memory and cognitive function. Dementia is a general term that refers to a wide range of cognitive disorders.

When we talk about Alzheimer’s care or dementia care, we’re essentially referring to memory care. These terms describe the specialized support individuals with memory impairment require to live comfortably.

Sage Oak of Denton is home to all-inclusive memory care that offers comprehensive support for residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. We take pride in the secure space we have created for these residents that allow natural light and fresh air to fill the environment.

We understand that it’s often the small touches that can make a big difference in the quality of life for our residents. Our dementia care team prioritizes creating a comfortable and supportive environment. This commitment to providing exceptional memory care impresses senior living professionals and family members. It’s something that sets Sage Oak of Denton apart.

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