How to Take Active Steps Toward Fall Prevention for Seniors in Northern Texas

We all want ourselves and our loved ones to feel protected, particularly when it comes to living arrangements. Falls — especially for seniors — can lead to injuries that greatly affect quality of life, so it’s essential to take steps to prevent them.

Fortunately, our Denton senior care center, Sage Oak of Denton, provides a calm environment through assisted living and memory care where the risk of falls is drastically reduced. Here are some of the most effective methods of fall prevention for seniors.

Prevent Falls With Your Home Environment

One of the key ways to help prevent falls is to create a protective home environment. This can be achieved by eliminating clutter, ensuring adequate lighting, using handrails, and installing grab bars in appropriate areas.

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Fall prevention for seniors also includes avoiding wet or slippery surfaces and wearing proper footwear with supportive soles.

Stay Active and Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise and physical activity helps seniors maintain strength and balance, which are crucial factors in preventing falls. Older adults can engage in low-impact fall prevention activities for seniors such as walking, tai chi, yoga, or swimming. Regular exercise helps keep bones and muscles strong while also improving overall health and wellness.

Manage Medications

Seniors who take multiple medications are at a higher risk of experiencing adverse side effects such as dizziness, confusion, and unsteadiness, so make sure to follow medication instructions carefully and to ensure that medications are appropriately managed. Work closely with healthcare professionals to make sure that medications are appropriate and that there are no adverse interactions.

Take the Next Step Into a Secure Denton Senior Apartment

Sage Oak of Denton’s thoughtfully designed assisted living and memory care community consists of attentive, small-scale living among a highly capable team. Our nurse’s stations for senior medication management and caregiving incorporate windows so the care team can monitor residents in a smaller setting. Seeing or responding to an emergency much quicker makes our community different.

“As we age, we either forget our walkers, or we don’t do it as well. With those folks sitting right there, they’ll be able to catch a lot of times when someone has forgotten their walker, or they’re a little unsteady, [they can] hop out of that room by seeing it and prevent a fall. And that in itself will be a great level of care.” — Karyl Thomas, Ardent Hospice

In addition, we have specifically designed communal areas infused with high-quality amenities and activities to engage seniors, including gorgeous gardens for seniors to enjoy.

Participate in Fall Prevention Programs for Seniors in Denton, Texas

There are specific fall prevention programs that seniors can participate in to help reduce the risk of falls. These programs provide education on preventing falls, exercises to improve balance, and tips for creating better living environments. Our Denton senior care center conveniently provides these opportunities on-site in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area!

Watch the video below and see why experts agree Sage Oak of Denton is a unique experience that improves seniors’ lives.

Sage Oak of Denton | Fall prevention for seniors at Sage Oak of Denton
Fall prevention for seniors at Sage Oak of Denton

Sage Oak of Denton’s team is specifically trained to ensure the comfort of its residents. Each resident receives individualized attention and care to ensure that they are living their best life in a worry-free setting.

Prevention is key when it comes to senior fall risk, and there are many steps older adults and family members can take to help reduce the risk of falls. Northern Texas community Sage Oak of Denton provides a safeguarded environment, along with plenty of amenities and activities to promote resident wellness. As we age, protection becomes a critical component of daily life, both in and outside of the home.


Get More Resources and One-on-one Care from Sage Oak of Denton

Taking steps to prevent falls, from personal measures to moving into a supportive community, can go a long way in ensuring that seniors stay healthy as they age. Get to know the dedicated team of our Denton senior care center today, and we’ll help your family gain a new sense of assurance.

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