Award-winning Senior Apartments in Denton

Sage Oak of Denton is so well designed that we received a Senior Housing News Architecture & Design Award for the thought we put into our community. From small details to personalized experiences, brilliant designs are only the beginning of our boutique experience.

How can I determine which senior communities have the best assisted living or memory care apartments near me?

Look for small details that make all the difference.

At Sage Oak of Denton, everything — no matter how minor — is considered and accounted for.

For instance, our lighting is bright yet gentle, providing just enough illumination for you to cozily read or knit in the evening hours. We also ensure that cabinet handles are suited for seniors with dexterity issues. In addition, our entrance’s extensive overhang allows seniors to be covered from the rain while walking in or out of the community.

These are just a few of the small details that make a world of a difference to seniors.

Sage Oak of Denton’s campus includes common areas, open-plan kitchens, apartments, and activity spaces that are carefully laid out and designed. The layout is easily navigable and provides ample room to walk around, whether seniors are going to the salon, fitness center, game room, or nursing center that can be viewed from all angles.

How does dementia affect walking?

Residents receiving memory care at Sage Oak experience solutions to a variety of new challenges. Dementia causes changes in the brain that can affect a person’s balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. As the condition progresses, people may experience difficulty walking, including:

  • Shuffling gait: a senior’s steps may become shorter and more shuffling.
  • Unsteady gait: they might become unsteady or unbalanced on their feet.
  • Reduced speed: Walking speed may decrease, making it difficult to keep up with others.
  • Freezing: that person may pause suddenly while trying to walk, making it difficult to move forward.
  • Poor coordination: they could have difficulty coordinating their movements, making it challenging to walk around objects or in confined spaces.
  • Increased falls: people with dementia are at greater risk of falls due to changes in their walking abilities.

Outdoor areas at Sage Oak of Denton are just as thoughtfully designed as our indoor spaces to accommodate seniors with varying physical needs. The courtyard is carefully manicured, and the walking paths offer plenty of areas to converse, relax, or enjoy nature. Seniors remain comfortable and secure no matter where they are in our six-home campus.

Get plenty of space where it matters most.

20 acres of greenery are far from the only spacious things at Sage Oak of Denton. Despite the community’s small number of homes, seniors get plenty of space to move around, especially if they use wheelchairs throughout their apartments and bathrooms.

Seek out personalized experiences in and outside of senior apartments.

Our team offering senior apartments in Denton works with each resident to tailor their experience to their unique needs and preferences.

  • Do you need help with errands? We have a team of caretakers that will help you out.
  • Do you want to try a new retirement hobby, but aren’t sure where to start? Our team can connect you with fellow residents that share similar interests.
  • Do you need a ride to a medical appointment? We will make transportation arrangements on your behalf.

This personalized approach means that each resident enjoys the level of care that fits them, no matter what their needs might be.

Our team knows each resident by name, which is why they are able to provide individualized care and support. All of our services, from our dining options to our wellness programs, are designed to help residents live life to the fullest. Our community provides an environment that fosters joy, purpose, and connection, thanks to our boutique approach.

Sage Oak Of Denton | Award-winning Design Video
Watch how senior living experts react to the superior design of your new home.

“The open plan concept is beautiful,” says Gina Darr, Medline Sales Representative. “It’s like living in your dream home, but it’s functional as well.”

“It’s like living in your dream home, but it’s functional as well.” — Gina Darr

At Sage Oak of Denton, we are committed to providing the best experiences for our residents. Our focus on exceptional boutique senior living makes us stand out from the rest. We remain dedicated to our mission of making Sage Oak of Denton the best place for seniors to call home, and we invite you along with your loved ones to come and see for yourselves what makes us so special.


See our senior apartments in Denton for yourself.

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