From Gainesville to Little Elm: Senior Living in North Texas

If you’re looking into senior living options in North Texas, you may have come across Denton. At Sage Oak of Denton, we invite people from Little Elm, Argyle, Gainesville, Aubrey, and Crossroads to discover our boutique-style senior living community.

Our approach to senior care is different. We focus on great food, great care, and great communication. Assisted living residents thrive in a social atmosphere with personalized care.

Our community is new, and you may not have heard of us yet. We’re revolutionizing the idea of senior living in North Texas. If you’re exploring your options, we encourage you to take a closer look at what Sage Oak of Denton offers!

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Why will people from Little Elm, Texas be interested in senior living in Denton?

Little Elm is a great Texas town. It is famous for having the most miles of shoreline anywhere in the DFW metroplex.

The Sage Oak of Denton offers a park-like campus. People from Little Elm who love their parks and open spaces will love access to walking paths and places to sit in the shade.

Residents have the chance to form family-like bonds with their neighbors living in a boutique senior living community. Sage Oak of Denton offers assisted living and memory care on a smaller scale. Each building accommodates up to 16 residents and operates like a home.

Why will people from Gainesville like senior living at Sage Oak?

Gainesville, Texas is a great place to live for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the cattle ranching community. All those cows and a strong sense of pride in community heritage mean good eating.

Great food is a significant benefit of Sage Oak of Denton. Senior Living trained chefs cook for only 16 residents. They strive to accommodate various dietary restrictions and culinary palettes. These qualities make your dining experience unforgettable.

Family-style meals will leave you satisfied and hungry for more. Every dish on the menu is carefully prepared by professionals who care about their craftsmanship and senior health.

Serving up food like this makes you feel right at home.

Why will people from Argyle be interested in senior living in Denton?

Argyle, Texas is a small community that offers the best of both worlds with its beautiful rural character and easy access to entertainment and health care in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The town’s excellent location within the Golden Triangle region makes it an ideal place for residents who want convenience without sacrificing peace or privacy!

Denton is similar on a slightly bigger scale. Sage Oak of Denton is a quick 20-minute drive for family members living in Argyle.

A cozy private neighborhood makes this property an easygoing place to be. It’s an excellent place to host outdoor family visits. Communication with families is one of Sage Oak of Denton’s hallmark qualities.

Why will people from Aubrey and Crossroads be interested in boutique assisted living and memory care in Denton?

Our community’s great care is not just luxury but also the perfect combination of comfort and classic. We love meeting our neighbors to the northeast in Aubrey or Crossroads. We’re less than a 15-minute drive from either town.

Luxurious and private living spaces are spacious enough for everyone’s needs. All-inclusive amenities such as Wi-Fi and premium cable mean staying connected to the modern world.

The floor plans at Sage Oak of Denton include:

  • Pet-friendly suites
  • Private accessible restrooms
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Furnished options available

The staff here will take excellent care if your loved one requires medical attention because they’re dedicated to providing individualized care. Smaller staff-to-resident ratios make those connections possible and more personal.

The care services at Sage Oak of Denton include:

Sage Oak of Denton is the premier destination for seniors who want a higher level of service than an independent living retirement community. If you or a loved one is a North Texas senior, we welcome you to enjoy the stress-free living available in Denton.


Senior Living Your Way

Be a part of a new way to think about senior living. Contact us to tour boutique senior living conveniently located in Denton, TX.

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